How to Maximize Your Extended Health Benefits


Please raise your hand if you've ever thought – I want to get a massage but I’m not sure if I’m covered and it’s too much work to submit my claim to the insurance company.

You're not alone – according to a Healthcare Survey, which tracks data from employer-sponsored health benefit plans, only 13 per cent of those surveyed said they understood their benefits "very well.”

Most are familiar with the major players: dental, vision and prescriptions. What about massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy? Am I covered? These services fall under the umbrella of preventative health measures and are included in your paramedical benefits.

Well, there's good news: Claiming your benefits doesn't have to a bothersome chore. With a few simple steps you can easily book your massage treatment and get reimbursed -- all without filling out and mailing paperwork, or waiting for a cheque. We are going to walk through what you need to know to maximize your health benefits and when we’re done you’ll know exactly what you are covered for and how to take advantage. Ready? Let’s get started...

Locate your Member ID and plan/policy numbers

These items can be found on a previous claim or your drug/coverage card. If you haven’t received your ID number and policy number you would have to make a quick call or email to the person who manages your plan; likely someone in HR.

Register with your insurance company  

On the insurance company’s website you will be asked to sign in or register if you don’t already have an account set up. Simply plug in the numbers you’ve just located and some basic personal information and you are done!  Now you will be able to view coverage information, submit many of your claims online and sign up for direct deposit.

Review your coverage

Before making any appointments it is best to know what services are covered, for how much, and if there are any limitations (deductibles, referral from doctor, etc...). All of this information will be clearly identified in your plan.

Make an appointment

This is the fun part! By using your paramedical benefits you are being proactive about your health by investing in preventative measures; massage therapy, acupuncture, orthotics, and much more! Most health and wellness practitioners can bill directly to the insurance company. When making your appointment you can ask if this is a service they provide. If not, you simply log in to your account and claim online, most provide a 24-48 hour turn-around time for direct deposit.

So now that you know how easy it is; will you be taking advantage of your extended health benefits?