On-Site Thai Massage

Incorporating acupressure, energy meridian work and yoga-like stretches; Thai Massage is the ideal complement to any exercise routine.



  • Balances the body’s energy pathways

  • Increases resistance to injury

  • Relieves pain due to arthritis, stress, and overworked muscles

  • Improves range of motion

  • Increases energy and peaceful alertness

  • Enriches emotional calming and deep relaxation

  • Enhances the connection between the mind and body.

What to expect

Thai massage is traditionally performed on the floor - on a padded mat; you are guided through partner yoga poses and body stretches. Some traditional massage techniques, such as acupressure, compression and joint mobilization, are also used, but no lotions or oils are applied and you remain fully clothed for the session.


60 minutes $150.00
*24 hour Cancellation Policy