On Site Yoga

HealthCircle provides private in-home yoga classes and corporate at work sessions. Our yoga practitioners will design a class with your needs in mind.

At Home

Benefit from one-on-one attention, customized sequences designed specifically for your wellness goals. Whether you are looking to stretch and strengthen, improve balance, alleviate stress and anxiety; our yoga instructors will create a program tailored to your needs.

At Work

Prolonged sitting can lead to:

  • low energy

  • leg cramps

  • joint stiffness

  • muscle aches in neck, shoulders and back

Thru At Work Yoga employees will learn a variety of stretches specifically adapted for the workplace.



In Home Private

$90 + (HST) per class

$75 + (HST) per class when pre-paid package of 5, 10 or 20

We welcome In-Home Small Groups (2-4 people) Or at Work Groups